Established 1993
Affiliated to CBSE Since 1997
Senior Secondary School
Patna Ranchi Road Bypass Road
Bhagat Nagar, Nawada 805110
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Welcome To Jeevan Deep Public School

Jeevan Deep Public school founded Late Dr.B.P Bhagat and Dr (Mrs) URMILA Bhagat in 1993 is a residential cum day school.

It provides the students quality education with special emphasis on all-around development of personality.The school is a co-education institute affilated to the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (C.B.S.E), New Delhi upto senior Secondary and Arts Streams are available for teching in higher secondary stage.
it is being run on 'public school' pattern for the benefit of the children.Acadmic session of the school starts from 1st April every year.The school is governed and managed by Sri Deo Narain Bhagat Trust,Nawada, a registered trust working in the field of health and Education

Dr Basuki Prasad Bhagat (Founder)


At Jeevan Deep Public School, we believe in a early start. It’s the right time to lay the first step for your child’s bright future. In keeping with the vision of the JDPS Educational Society which aims at preparing Global citizens and agents of social change committed to Humanistic values and Democratic Traditions, we at Jeevan Deep Public School Nawada aim to make our school.


We empower a deep rooted quest for learning by making significance, creating propensities for brain, and following up on values.We energize numerous learning styles. We empower all encompassing development and advancement of the body psyche and soul. We urge viable instructing prompting important learning, as we accept compelling instructors keep on being students. We support solid holding with guardians, in this manner upgrading balance in the advancement procedure of every understudy. We support guaranteeing the achievement of every understudy. We support our understudies and educators to share the duty regarding learning. We urge our understudies to surpass their own scholarly desires. We enrich worry for our general surroundings and our planet and furthermore supply assorted variety and majority of voices.

Our Team

The Quality teaching and strong student-teacher relationship form the foundation of our highly scholastic programme. All the teachers have the special qualities that distinguish a good teacher- patience and understanding. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn. They encourage the development of each child, by providing security and warmth, emphasizing self-discipline more than authority and encouragement rather than punishment.
Our teachers are carefully chosen having aptitude and experience to teach the young children. Never satisfied with the tried and tested, they delight in creating more effective ways to explore and share knowledge thus breathing life into their teaching, thereby, enabling our children to go beyond rote learning. Our teachers are here because they love teaching, they love kids and they love JDPS resulting in a dynamic, challenging, interesting and excitement filled atmosphere. All this is possible because of our continuous and comprehensive in-service orientation, education and training programme for teachers through self-motivated school based activities. Lifelong-learning teachers create lifelong-learning students.

Our Managements

Director's Message (Dr Mrs Urmila Bhagat)

A warm welcome to Jeevan Deep Public School We are no longer a new name in the field of education,yet we aspire to better a ourselves so that the children receive the foundation of morals and strength of character apart from the best possible education.We provide the best infrastructural facility in both curricular and co-curricular activities with the help of a qualified,dedicated and sincere force. welcome again your children certainly deserve the best thank you

Executive Director Message (Dr Eklavya Bhagat)

The teachers are seen as the builders of the nation and the emerging world. Globalization is the core to the educational program. The school motto Global outlook, impresses upon the learners, Indian values, broad based knowledge, global cultural ethos and socio scientific developments as the highest form of meditation to attain the global outlook. Education, in the emerging global knowledge economy, has become a great leveler amongst Individuals and Nations, being the highest form of organizational capital. The whole purpose of education is for all individuals to learn and grow as better people, everyone in this sector, should then make an effort to work together to achieve the common goal. The need of the hour is to help our children become independent thinkers and develop integrated personalities. I urge all, student, parent & teacher to work hand in hand unitedly to acheive success. Our childern are capable today, they accept challenges in a positive way, they want an opportunity to prove their mettle, and have sensitivity towards the people around them.

Principal's Message (Dr V K Pandey)

Welcome to JEEVAN DEEP PUBLIC SCHOOL, a school that focuses on opportunity and achievement,a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel.

Today children in india are growing in more challenging and demanding enviroment.The rate of change very sphere is rapid with the enhanced knowledge exchange and teachnology development,the wold is getting flatter.Globalization demands a new dimension to our approach to education.we thus have to recognize the need to have globally relevant education.such an education would mean imparting skills that would develop mental agility in induviduals to confidently interact and work in diverse environs or situations.

The school curriculum is oriented such that student embody self confidence and "Out of the Box" thought process.The challenge to be the "best you can be"academic achievment is supported by a holistic approach to personal learning.

We challenge and channel students to set high expectation for htemselves and support them to achiecve the highest level. we expert them to lead their drams and not be afraid to accomplish fears that other believe are impossible,to never be tired of working towards theirs goal-to achieve excellence in everything they do in life.